How to Travel with Open Bus in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for having beautiful places, lovely people, fine architectures, aboundant farms and ofcourse for their historical events that made a great impact to their lifestyle. It is indeed a good tourist spot for those who are seeking an amazing preserved culture and peaceful productive environment. To truly appreciate the beauty that this country possessed, one must travel it personally and explore the real thing rather than relying on the things seen on books, TV and other medias.

Before going there, you must already settle your mind in choosing the kind of transportation you will use when travelling around. There are private and public transportation in Vietnam. But if you would like to spend less while taking home lots of precious memories from the country, I suggest you avail their Open Bus. This kind of transportation is way more cheaper than the others. This is commonly used by most people living in there. But saving money is not alone the advantage in here, you also get along with Vietnamese people which is a big plus for your travel experience.

open bus vietnam

Open busess have large and comfortable seats. This will make you feel more comfortable while on the ride. They don’t have strict rules about the kind or the size of baggages you have as long as you can carry it with you along the trip. No rules about the food or drinks you will be bringing too, isn’t it cool? All they want is for your to enjoy your travelling experience!

I recommend choosing services Open Bus Vietnam of Viet Fun Travel:

Open Bus Travel Tips

1.) Know your destination

First thing, you must know where you will start and where you will end up. As a foreign traveller, a map or any guide is the most basic and the most important thing we MUST have. You can search on the internet or bring a travel book with you that can explain the Vietnam’s travel ways and locations. But some may bring a tourist guide with them to explain the things, places and even discuss the history of what they witnessed along the way. Which is also a great help. Continue reading “How to Travel with Open Bus in Vietnam” »

Top best motorcycle helmet brands

Driving a motorcycle as a means of transportation in the field of work is normal in most cities, especially in those establishments that offers home delivery services. It is also the means of transportation in many countries, whether you are a worker or a student, you will always expect to see a motorcycle on the road. Being a driver of a motorcycle is not that easy because you have to consider many things. It might look so simple to simply jump on your motorcycles and drive on the road, but are you sure that you have the necessary things for your safety?

If you are going to consider the safety precautions on the road, then it is good for you to be a driver. Even a passenger, must also know how to keep themselves safe on the road. If you are driving or riding a motorcycle, then you must be aware that you have to wear a motorcycle helmet. Is wearing a motorcycle helmet a requirement? Well, of course, yes! If you love your life, then learn to follow the safety regulations and laws on the road. One of the things that will keep you safe is to use a helmet with a good quality.

best motorcycle helmet brands

When it comes to the best quality of a motorcycle helmet, you must learn to know not only one brand of helmet, but to at least know some of them. Is it a must for you to know several motorcycle helmet brands? Yes, for you to have an option on what motorcycle helmet you are going to buy for your use and safety on the road.

            HJC CL-17 Mission Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is the best among the best brands because it has an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, it has an anti-scratch pinlock ready face shield, providing UV protection, it has a rapid fire shield replacement system and it has an ACS advanced channeling ventilation system with a supercool moisture-wicking interior.

            Shoei RF-1200 Helmet has a strong shell design compact and aerodynamic with four shell sizes, it has a dual density EPS liner and it has a good ventilation that includes breath guard and a chin curtain.

Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet is a 2014 model that is best for adults who are racing.

Arai Vector-2 Helmet is an intermediate oval fit with a compound laminate construction of CLC shell, a brow vent face shield ventilation system and with a great peripheral view.

Nolan N44 Trilogy Solid Helmet is an updated and the latest design of the N43E that is produced in 2 outer shell sizes that is composed of a polycarbonate GE Lexan, it has an advanced ventilation system, and it is a fully flexible helmet designed for urban riding with a unique style.

Shark RAW Blank Helmet is a street fighter designed helmet with a quick release goggle system and face mask, with a double pane anti-fog lens that has a lightweight and an aerodynamic feature.

AGV K3 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet has a thermoplastic shell that includes a visor mechanism, it has a removable nose protector with a comfortable padding and a good front, chin and side ventilation.

Those mentioned are just some of the best motorcycle helmet brands that you must be thinking about buying for your own safety. Always remember that sometimes, it is not always the price that you have to consider, but what matters most is the quality of the motorcycle helmet that you are going to purchase because this is for your own safety and protection. So, it is something serious and something that you must not ignore.

Camping tourism in Japan

Going to Japan is one of the most luxurious places to travel, especially for those who love camping. If you are going to ask why in Japan, then there is no doubt about it because in Japan, camping is very popular, especially during summer. In Japan alone, there are over 3,000 camping sites to choose from. Many among students and loves to come and enjoy camping all around the beautiful country of Japan. There are eight districts in Japan that is considered as camping sites, they have in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushi and in Okinawa.

You might find it expensive to have your camping in Japan because if you did not bring your camping equipment, then you will have to rent for whatever you need, which is something that you should have considered, especially, your camping in Japan is not merely coming to camp but it goes with your traveling experience and to explore tourism in Japan.

camping japan

There are so many camping sites to choose from in Japan, but you may have a brief overview about some of the chosen camping sites around. If you would like to know more about the camping sites, then it will be necessary to find someone who may connect you to the camping site staff or customer service for more information that you would like to know.

In Ohara Auto Camp-jo in Chiba, you will find a very clean spot for camping with helpful staffs. It is a good spot for everybody to have fun and relax.

For people who are looking for a campsite with a river, then you must be going to Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo in Saitama.

One of the best spots for camping without considering the season is in the Matsukawa Camp-jo in Iwate.

One of the strictest camp sites in Japan is in the Hikawa Camp-jo in Tokyo, where you are not allowed to bring your pets, fireworks and karaoke is also prohibited, so you have to find out more details about what is and what is not allowed before coming to the campsite.

In Nodake-ko park Camp-jo in Saitama, children will surely have much fun because they have a playground for kids. This spot is also good for fishing because there is a lake around the location. For those who are interested in cycling, then you may also enjoy the biking trails. Continue reading “Camping tourism in Japan” »

Inflatable toddler travel bed

When it comes to our children, nothing is more important than their comfort and security. That’s why when travelling whether for camping, trips, visiting relatives and many more, we need to find the best travelling companion for our little one. Sleep is very important especially for growing toddlers. They need to get ample amount of sleep to help them grow strong and healthy. So when travelling, we need to find a bed that is easy to assemble, store and carry around. There are many types of beds to purchase for travelling but for now, let me focus on one of the most popular one, which is the Inflatable toddler travel bed.

Advantage of Inflatable Toddler Travel beds

  • Extreme comfort
  • Includes pumps whether hand pumps or electric, this makes inflating and deflating the bed fast and easy.
  • Comes with a storage bag and some even includes crib sheets
  • Very durable
  • The height is just enough from the ground and makes it safer for me to monitor and not worry that he or she might fall off.

Recommended Inflatable Beds for Toddlers

  • Bed Mattress for Kids by Aero
  • Made especially for kids
  • The size is about 50inches x 25 inches surface size
  • 4inches lift or thickness from the ground
  • Inflation rate with the electric pump is 1 minute while deflation rate is only under 15 seconds
  • Includes machine washable thick mattress pad which is fitted and has a moon and star prints
  • There are bumpers along the sides that keeps the kid in place
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Because of the carrying bag, bringing this along during travel makes it really easy to carry and to store.
  • Only disadvantage is during the first time of the usage, there are some annoying sounds when moving on top.
  • Inflata Snuggle Kids Air bed by Smart Air beds
  • Made of heavy duty PVC material
  • Includes an electric pump that can inflate the bed in less than a minute
  • Surface size of 42″x 20
  • Elevations is enough
  • Very comfortable
  • Includes some sheets and a handy carry bag for easy storage and portability
  • Durable and kids likes jumping on it
  • Downside is if the area is cold, the bed will be cold as well and if it is hot, the bed will also be hot. Best solution si to put an extra blanket or sheet
  • Another downside is that it produces an annoying plastic sound when sleeping
  • Cozy Kids airbed by Intex
  • Comfortable with soft flocking
  • Won’t easily puncture and easy to repair when it does cause Intex provides a repair patch when you purchase
  • Includes and inflatable pillow as well
  • Available in various colors like pink, blue etc
  • Perfect size for toddlers to little kids
  • Kids love jumping on top of it like a trampoline
  • Downside is that you can’t choose the color that you want if you order online and the air pillows are not comfortable as well

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When it comes to tactical cases, which is the best brightest tactical flashlight for you?

When anyone mentions flashlights, what you immediately have in mind is a tool kept in the kitchen and used to light the way if the electricity is off, or something to guide you back to your tent on a camping day after you have dealt with whatever bothers your stomach in the middle of the night.

When I went to Tulsa, I met Mike Seeklander who is a tactical trainer with Shooting Performance at the US Shooting Academy. According to him, everyone should carry a flashlight with them all the times. In fact, we have discussed a few pros and cons of using flashlights in tactical cases which I’m about to share right here.

best brightest tactical flashlight


What is Tactical flashlight?

This is tactical flashlights we’re talking about, not just any type of flashlight. These flashlights are specially designed for tactical purposes such as military or police. Some of them are attached to a weapon to support shooting in low-light environments.They are usually smaller than normal flashlights but light much brighter.

Moreover, they can last for a long period of time due to their aluminum material. However, they are not only used for military and police purpose but also every average citizen’s practical tool for their daily lives. Below are a few features of this handy flashlight.

Yes tactical flashlights are very useful and a wonderful tool to defend yourself, but which one should you buys in the vast market these days? Mike and I have gathered a few features for you to look at when searching for the best brightest tactical flashlight that suits you and your pocket the most.

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Discover the best ways to clean your motorcycle helmet

Nowadays, a motorcycle helmet is our great companion on the street. However, most of us may not know the best ways to clean our helmets.Wearing motorcycle helmets for a long time is the cause of manyscalp diseases. This daily habit supports the excretion of sweat and oil on your scalpas well as creates an ideal environment for dandruff and fungus, which caused infections and itchy scalp.

clean your motorcycle helmet


Therefore, in order to protect ourselves from diseases caused by dirty motorcycle helmets, we need to learn how to clean them usually. In this article, I will help you to discover more methods of cleaning your motorcycle helmet.

Personally, before learning these efficient ways of hygiene, I hardly clean my own motorcycle helmet because of my laziness, and maybe, so do other people. However, if we are too lazy to clean our helmets, we will likely get illness caused by fungal infections on thescalp. Here are my own simple methods of cleaning motorcycle helmet:

For motorcycle helmets without removable liner:

This kind of helmets are difficult to hygiene, however, they are the most popular type of motorcycle helmets in the marketplace. The best way to clean helmets without theremovable liner is to gently wash the liner by hand. You can also use the same method for the exterior shell of your motorcycle helmet.

It is usually thought that motorcycle helmets with non-removable liner cannot be washed by the washing machine; however, in fact, you can apply this way normally. Anyway, you should buy a specialized laundry wash bag for thehelmet (I recommend using a mesh bag or a bra washing ball), for the sake of the helmet as well as the washing machine.

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The Best Treadmills for your Running Career

The Benefits of the Treadmills on your Training

People who are in the field of running have their own ways of training. It can be along the road, along the seashore, around the parks or up and down the hills. But, now that there were already machines or equipment that can be used to enhance your running ability, many among these runners are already finding time to have their training indoors. Those who can’t afford to buy these machines are still lucky because you can still go to the shops where the best treadmills for your running are available.

The good thing with the treadmill is that, if you have it in private, then you may do the training alone, even if your trainer is away. If you go to the shops, you can meet other runners, who are also under a serious training for their running career. It doesn’t matter, whether you go in public or private, you still need to stick to your plan and that is to train and help you have the best running performance.

Best Treadmills for your Running


When you use treadmills with your training, you will have a more convenient, efficient and safer workout place. It is because you know that you are under a training, so you have to focus only with the running. You do not to need think about the things around you. Due to the weather condition, you will not worry about getting sick or ill. You will even have a better health and body condition because while training, you are not too exposed to various weather changes. Remember that when you are training for your running career, it is not just the running that you need to enhance, but to also maintain your good health condition.

You might bay training under a stationary machine, but with the use of this treadmill, you can make your running have a better form. Aside from that, you can also simulate your racing ups and downs, adjust your inclines and allow you to load various workout programs.

With such benefits, you will surely perform well because you know that you know that you had a consistent workout, you have a convenient machine, your body is under a good condition, you are physically fit and you have saved much energy for your running.

Reviews of The Best Treadmills for Running

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Review of the best bushcraft knife under 100 dollars

Survival at the Wilderness

When it comes to survival in the wilderness, you must always have the right tools. Nobody can tell what will happen when you go out to the wilderness for an adventure. If you do have the right tools, such as your bushcraft knife, then you know that you can survive.

Why do people still need to go to the wilderness for an adventure if they do not know what will happen or if they need to expect the unexpected things? It is because there are people who are enjoying and having fun with adventures. There is nothing wrong with that and it is not a crazy thing to do.

bushcraft knife under 100 dollars


Adventures are part of daily lifestyle. They just come in different ways. So, if you are not ready and prepared to face your adventure, then you better get ready for it. These adventures in the wilderness will test the skills and power of your tools. So, you have to make sure that you have the best bushcraft knife to use.

Those who can spend for about a hundred dollars for this bushcraft knife will surely enjoy their knives. These knives may not be the most expensive knives for survival, but they are not also the cheap knives. These knives are just perfect enough and you will surely survive in the wilderness.

Best bushcraft knife under 100 dollars Review

Here is a review of the best bushcraft knife under 100 dollars. Check them out and grab the one that suits your need for your wildest experience in the wilderness.

On top is the Bushcraft Survival Knife from the Morakniv. This knife has a blade that measures 109 mm long and 3.2mm thick. It is constructed with a carbon steel material and reinforced with tungsten and a black anticorrosive paint. The edge angle of the blade is annealed to a 56-58 HRC. It has a handle that is constructed with a non-slip rubber grip. It has a ridge-ground spine. This knife is recommended for fire starters, batoning, wood splitting, wood carving and wood shaving.

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2016 Reviews of Slowpitch softball bat

Overview of Softball

There are so many young athletes today. It is a must for every individual to learn for more information about various sports, especially if they are interested in playing this game. Many sports enthusiasts are playing the softball, which is a variant of the sport, called baseball. You play softball with a bigger ball on a smaller field if you are going to compare it to baseball.

In 1887, the softball game was invented and started in Chicago and at that time it was known as an indoor game. This game is also known for various names, such as, the indoor baseball, the mush ball, the playground and the kitten ball. It was later on officially named as softball in 1926. The softball is not only played by men, but also a game for women.

Slowpitch Softball Bat Reviews


There are equipment required in a softball game. The ball used in a softball measures at a circumference of 11-12 inches. They also use a metal or a wooden bat, gloves and protective gears, such as, helmets, shin guards and chest protector. Other players also use cleats, face masks and knee sliders for convenience and protection.

Types of Softball

There are three main types of the softball game. The slowpitch softball is the most common type, having 10 players in each team. Another type of softball is the fastpitch softball, where the player needs to make a fast pitch, having nine players in each team. Stealing and bunting is allowed in a fastpitch softball. Lastly, we have the modified softball, where the pitcher’s windmill windup is restricted.

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Find the Best Value for your Money when Buying Ukulele

Before I give you my personal recommendation to buy what is the best ukulele for the money, Let me introduce a little about myself to make my point valuable to other buyers out there. I have been playing the guitar professionally for 12 years and I came to love the ukulele 5 years ago when I visited Hawaii. In that beautiful island, I started playing the ukulele and even when I left the island I still play it. I bought my first ukulele online in ebay and was satisfied with it cause I did my research well before purchasing one. So here I will share to you what I have learned and I hope this will help you make a good decision cause I have read too many reviews that they made a mistake buying their first ukulele and wasted money and time.

Here’s what to consider when choosing to buy the Best Ukulele for the money:

When selecting a ukulele for beginner, because of wide variety of ukuleles out in the market; you might get overwhelmed. There are too many popular brands and models that offers durability, reliability, affordability and playability with really good performance.

First one I will recommend is the Makala Dolphin ukulele. This is my first choice when it comes to beginners cause it is perfect for people who don’t have any experience with ukulele or for small kids who wants to learn ukulele. It is made of plastic buy despite the material used, it is surprisingly good. You can make this a lot better if you use a Aquila Nylgut strings. It is reliable and durable as well as cheap, giving you pleasurable experience without breaking the bank. Kids love it cause of its many colors available.

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