How to Travel with Open Bus in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for having beautiful places, lovely people, fine architectures, aboundant farms and ofcourse for their historical events that made a great impact to their lifestyle. It is indeed a good tourist spot for those who are seeking an amazing preserved culture and peaceful productive environment. To truly appreciate the beauty that this country possessed, one must travel it personally and explore the real thing rather than relying on the things seen on books, TV and other medias.

Before going there, you must already settle your mind in choosing the kind of transportation you will use when travelling around. There are private and public transportation in Vietnam. But if you would like to spend less while taking home lots of precious memories from the country, I suggest you avail their Open Bus. This kind of transportation is way more cheaper than the others. This is commonly used by most people living in there. But saving money is not alone the advantage in here, you also get along with Vietnamese people which is a big plus for your travel experience.

open bus vietnam

Open busess have large and comfortable seats. This will make you feel more comfortable while on the ride. They don’t have strict rules about the kind or the size of baggages you have as long as you can carry it with you along the trip. No rules about the food or drinks you will be bringing too, isn’t it cool? All they want is for your to enjoy your travelling experience!

I recommend choosing services Open Bus Vietnam of Viet Fun Travel:

Open Bus Travel Tips

1.) Know your destination

First thing, you must know where you will start and where you will end up. As a foreign traveller, a map or any guide is the most basic and the most important thing we MUST have. You can search on the internet or bring a travel book with you that can explain the Vietnam’s travel ways and locations. But some may bring a tourist guide with them to explain the things, places and even discuss the history of what they witnessed along the way. Which is also a great help. Continue reading “How to Travel with Open Bus in Vietnam” »

Top best motorcycle helmet brands

Driving a motorcycle as a means of transportation in the field of work is normal in most cities, especially in those establishments that offers home delivery services. It is also the means of transportation in many countries, whether you are a worker or a student, you will always expect to see a motorcycle on the road. Being a driver of a motorcycle is not that easy because you have to consider many things. It might look so simple to simply jump on your motorcycles and drive on the road, but are you sure that you have the necessary things for your safety?

If you are going to consider the safety precautions on the road, then it is good for you to be a driver. Even a passenger, must also know how to keep themselves safe on the road. If you are driving or riding a motorcycle, then you must be aware that you have to wear a motorcycle helmet. Is wearing a motorcycle helmet a requirement? Well, of course, yes! If you love your life, then learn to follow the safety regulations and laws on the road. One of the things that will keep you safe is to use a helmet with a good quality.

best motorcycle helmet brands

When it comes to the best quality of a motorcycle helmet, you must learn to know not only one brand of helmet, but to at least know some of them. Is it a must for you to know several motorcycle helmet brands? Yes, for you to have an option on what motorcycle helmet you are going to buy for your use and safety on the road.

            HJC CL-17 Mission Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is the best among the best brands because it has an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, it has an anti-scratch pinlock ready face shield, providing UV protection, it has a rapid fire shield replacement system and it has an ACS advanced channeling ventilation system with a supercool moisture-wicking interior.

            Shoei RF-1200 Helmet has a strong shell design compact and aerodynamic with four shell sizes, it has a dual density EPS liner and it has a good ventilation that includes breath guard and a chin curtain.

Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet is a 2014 model that is best for adults who are racing.

Arai Vector-2 Helmet is an intermediate oval fit with a compound laminate construction of CLC shell, a brow vent face shield ventilation system and with a great peripheral view.

Nolan N44 Trilogy Solid Helmet is an updated and the latest design of the N43E that is produced in 2 outer shell sizes that is composed of a polycarbonate GE Lexan, it has an advanced ventilation system, and it is a fully flexible helmet designed for urban riding with a unique style.

Shark RAW Blank Helmet is a street fighter designed helmet with a quick release goggle system and face mask, with a double pane anti-fog lens that has a lightweight and an aerodynamic feature.

AGV K3 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet has a thermoplastic shell that includes a visor mechanism, it has a removable nose protector with a comfortable padding and a good front, chin and side ventilation.

Those mentioned are just some of the best motorcycle helmet brands that you must be thinking about buying for your own safety. Always remember that sometimes, it is not always the price that you have to consider, but what matters most is the quality of the motorcycle helmet that you are going to purchase because this is for your own safety and protection. So, it is something serious and something that you must not ignore.

Camping tourism in Japan

Going to Japan is one of the most luxurious places to travel, especially for those who love camping. If you are going to ask why in Japan, then there is no doubt about it because in Japan, camping is very popular, especially during summer. In Japan alone, there are over 3,000 camping sites to choose from. Many among students and loves to come and enjoy camping all around the beautiful country of Japan. There are eight districts in Japan that is considered as camping sites, they have in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushi and in Okinawa.

You might find it expensive to have your camping in Japan because if you did not bring your camping equipment, then you will have to rent for whatever you need, which is something that you should have considered, especially, your camping in Japan is not merely coming to camp but it goes with your traveling experience and to explore tourism in Japan.

camping japan

There are so many camping sites to choose from in Japan, but you may have a brief overview about some of the chosen camping sites around. If you would like to know more about the camping sites, then it will be necessary to find someone who may connect you to the camping site staff or customer service for more information that you would like to know.

In Ohara Auto Camp-jo in Chiba, you will find a very clean spot for camping with helpful staffs. It is a good spot for everybody to have fun and relax.

For people who are looking for a campsite with a river, then you must be going to Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo in Saitama.

One of the best spots for camping without considering the season is in the Matsukawa Camp-jo in Iwate.

One of the strictest camp sites in Japan is in the Hikawa Camp-jo in Tokyo, where you are not allowed to bring your pets, fireworks and karaoke is also prohibited, so you have to find out more details about what is and what is not allowed before coming to the campsite.

In Nodake-ko park Camp-jo in Saitama, children will surely have much fun because they have a playground for kids. This spot is also good for fishing because there is a lake around the location. For those who are interested in cycling, then you may also enjoy the biking trails. Continue reading “Camping tourism in Japan” »

The trick helps hunt cheap tour high quality

Tourism is vital needs of each person and now booking tour at agency is a pretty popular choice of tourists. However the experiences belows are the best shares for tourist to choose the cheap tours with safe and saving guarantee.
Choosing the reputable travel companies.

There is the top criteria because it is the safety for your family and you. Currently the domestic travel companies have launched many attractive tours with low prices and abundant destinations, diverse as well. However besides the appeal of low prices is the potential danger that can not be anticipated. Therefore, to ensure the safety for yourself, you should not be chose based on the price that should be based on the reputation of the travel company also.

Comparison itineraries and standards of tour agencies.

First let’s define where you want to travel. You can find information as well as cost and services of the travel companies on the internet. Check and compare the cons and the advantages between providers. This will help you choose the tour you like.
When comparing, you should pay attention to some important points including package tours, include fees, travel tickets or not, etc. Eating conditions, resort are also the point that you can not ignore. If it is long trip, you should pay special attention to the comfort of transport.
Suggest tours for you : Halong Bay Cruises

Book early to get promotions.
Many tourists usually do not interested in them when choosing a cheap tour. The fact that the majority of travel companies are preferential to customers pre-book. In addition to the discount, the company also spent for book early. Especially the holidays, to avoid an unavailable of places and get a discount with the attentive service you just give yourself a safe choice by book early. Continue reading “The trick helps hunt cheap tour high quality” »

Backpacker tours Cambodia to Vietnam

There are so many places that backpackers love to hang out in Asia. Some of the most visited and chosen countries, among millions of backpackers every year are Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. As a backpacker, traveling is fun because you can jump on from one country to another country. Most backpackers do not just come and stay in only one country because if possible they would like to stretch their holiday in one country and its neighboring countries. With that usual idea an activity that backpackers do, all they have to do is maximize their budget.

Select a format trip Vietnam backpacking in

Vietnam backpacking to Cambodia

As a backpacker, you always have to consider the expenses for your stay in one country. You have to look for a cheap hotel or room and of course you have to consider your safety and security. You will not let yourself just stay anywhere. You are a stranger and a foreigner in a country, so you have to be very careful. The other thing that you have to consider is your budget for food. If you are choosy and wants to eat in classy restaurants, then you have to prepare more money for food. If you would like to spend for shopping and souvenirs, then that is another fund.

Backpackers do not fail to come and visit the Angkor Wat. This is the most popular temple in Cambodia and every tourist would love to come and see the place because it is a very wide temple that measures 162.6 hectares. There are many temples, pagodas, islands and forests to check out when you are in Cambodia, but stepping on the Angkor Wat is the best thing that you could ever imagine when a backpacker is in Cambodia. It will always be great to land in a historical place that until now still existing. Continue reading “Backpacker tours Cambodia to Vietnam” »

Best electric bicycle for kids

When it comes to outdoor sports and activities, you can’t tell your kids that it is not safe to do such and that it is better for them to stay at home and play with their toys. But, we are now living in a different world and the society is full of adventure. Not all kids simply want to stay indoors and watch television shows. Kids already know how to choose the things that they would like to do, so parents can’t always stop them, instead let them go and explore so that they can learn things on their own.

There are many kids who like riding their electric bicycles or dirt bikes. This is a great way for kids to explore the world in the community. You actually do not have to discourage them with this, instead you have to let them know about the necessary precautions and safety of the activity that they are about to enjoy. It is always the parents who need to give them encouragement and inspiration. Riding their electric bicycle is what they enjoy, so if you can afford to give them one, then you must know about the best bikes to buy for your kids.

The 23MPH top speed of the MM-B80 Motor Bile by Monster Moto will surely give the best blow. Its transmission is automatic with a 2.5ho engine power that carries a max of 150 lbs. it has a polypropylene fenders and is equipped with a huge comfortable seat.

The SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket by Razor is inspired by Jeremy McGrath with a max speed of 15MPH and carries a max of 175 lbs. it has a dual suspension, riser handlebars, retractable kickstand, pneumatic tires and dual disc brakes.

A chain-driven and a high-performance electric motor of the Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter by Razor will surely make you stay on the street, having a max of 15MPH that includes good speed acceleration, a retractable kickstand and a built-in battery with pneumatic tires that gives rear suspension system. Continue reading “Best electric bicycle for kids” »

How to clean your helmet

The helmet is an essential safety gear for vehicles. It is a durable thing that protects our sensitive head from any crash. It is composed of glued Styrofoam inside a thick shell; others may use pads to create such. But after years of getting safe rides, you might notice how smelly and dusty your helmet is. Like any other gears, it needs to maintain its quality to prevent rust and other damages from the outer and inside shell. Cleaning it doesn’t exert too much effort because it is only handy. Even everyone can clean it, but not all knows how to do it properly.

If you think soaking your helmet into a big basin and scrubbing it is enough, you might have been wrong for your whole life. The purpose of this topic is to help you clean your helmet right. So I will share with you my knowledge in properly cleaning the mask.

But before everything, you must gather these materials first:

  • Unused toothbrush or nailbrush
  • Unused cloth (must be clean)
  • Sponges
  • Your desired cleaning products
  • Pail with water
  • A big basin
  • Dry cloth

Here is the step by step on how to clean the helmet.

First: Prepare Everything!

Prepare yourself for the cleaning session. Take off your hand accessories such as the watch, rings, etc. Wash your hands (you cannot clean it with a dirty hand). Use gloves if you want to or just simply use your bare hands to hold it. Lay your materials on the table (screws, cloths, etc. ) Then remove the parts of the helmet (make sure to keep the parts properly in one place to avoid losing it) such as the visor, linings, check pads, etc.. If you are not sure what parts are to take off, look for a manual or search for the internet. Always remember to remove only what you need to avoid difficulty in assembling it again later on.

Second: Start it!

When everything is prepared, soak the cheek pad and other linings to the warm water that has mixed with cleaning product you bought. Massage the parts carefully, especially that area that badly need extra cleaning and then rinse. After, let it rest on a towel and shower it again with warm water. Add a little shampoo and rinse. Rinse it again with cold water at least five times. Then let it dry in front of a fan. Take note: Do not use a hairdryer to dry the parts!

Third: Do the Visor! Continue reading “How to clean your helmet” »